Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mindmap Learning Style

Mindmap could be much more efficient way of learning than any other learning strategies.
That's because it makes each element be connected to each other as one organ. Also, with lots of creative images can help our brain to remember things we learn even longer.
Especially, at the beginning of a new chapter or at the end of a unit, for preview or revisit mindmap is really effective for students to learn the main ideas, for sure.... 
This can be applied to almost every things around us, such as travel plan, study, presentation, book report, diary and so on....

step 1> Draw the image of the biggest idea or topic in the middle of blank paper.
        2> Extend the map by adding branches according to the main content.
        3> Try to use as many images or symbols as possible
        4> The more colorful, the more pleasant to eyes and longer lasting 

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