Saturday, April 26, 2014

(Speaking Activity) Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den is a famous reality show.

In this show, we see five dragons who will make up their mind if they will invest their money in the new product. Inventors and investors show up in the show. Investors give the investors a presentation to make them invest in their company.
For speaking activity, the students can use this idea. One group members are the inventors and another group is the investors, that is, dragons.  Inventors try their best to persuade the investors to make a deal with them. After presentation, dragons ask questions. The students do a role play.

You are an inventor of the given product. You will need to work with your business partner to : 1. give a 1 minute presentation in a way to convince the some business people to invest in your company   2. be prepared to answer questions about your product   3. shake their hands if you agree on a deal

< Investor>
 You are an investor and you are going to talk to an inventor to see if you want to invest in their company.  :  1. listen and then ask about their invention and company to see if it is a good investment.  2. shake their hands if you agree on investing in their company.  3. say you are 'out' if you are not interested and give funny reasons.

A good presentation should include these conditions.
1. falling tone
2. speaking slowly and clearly
3. pause after main points
4. stress important words
5. eye contact

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