Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's be more careful. Let's be happy!

 Last Monday morning, I had a car accident even though I followed completely a traffic signal. I had to be absent from my work. I went to see a doctor because I felt quite bad after the accident. The counterpart broke a red traffic signal. He seemed to be absent-minded. He said nothing, but just admitted he had made a big mistake. The accident spot was right in front of Changwon Jungbu Police Station. My car was broken severely. A police officer came to the spot on his way back to his work. He said to me, "You didn't make any mistake. He did an absolutely wrongdoing." We had to wait for a rent car on the street on a freezing winter day. My husband had no choice but to be late for his work in Busan. Some patients had to wait for my husband lying on the bed. Through this unfortunate experience, I learned I need to be more careful in everything. 

 Today is the very first day of this year. I really wish we all have a healthy and comfortable life this year. I would like to have a dream in which many people around me have big and happy smiles on their faces tonight. Night night~ ^^

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