Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fun Troubles

 After we looked around Capitol, we went to Old Sacramento downtown with Mylar.
She is only 20 years old in American age. But she looks very considerable and cute. She guided us to Old Sacramento by Right Rail and bus. Right Rail is almost similar to metro in Seoul. It goes around the city. But there's one big different thing from Korea.
In Korea, the main reason people take the subway is that the traffic is often terrible. Of course many young people are using it because they don't drive a car. 

 In contrast, in U.S.A. most middle class people don't take Right Rail. Most of them drive. That means Rail is the main transportation used by poor people. So sometimes the passengers should be more aware of the danger on the rail. One more interesting thing is about ticket inspectors. Ticket inspectors get on the rail to check the passengers' ticket at random station. If a free rider gets caught, he or she will be in a big trouble as well as a high fine, about 300 dollars. 

 Anyway, we dropped by a Mexican place and had a hearty lunch. We were under time pressure, so we didn't have enough time to look around corner by corner. Old Sacramento streets remind me of old western streets of foreign movies. When we went back to our hotel, for a short time, we got lost. Actually, this is Mylar's first visit by public transportation. So she was confused about what station we should get on the rail from. Eventually with another woman's help, we managed to get on the rail. When it gets dark, so many street people stated shouting more loudly. That was quite scary. I can't imagine we walk around the streets at night. Korea is the safest country at night for sure. ^^  But we are 13. So we haven't face any dangerous situations so far. ^^

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