Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Capitol of California

Today we went to Capitol located in the center of Sacramento. We looked around the whole building with the guide, who gave us a very explicit and informative explanation about the history of Sacramento.
On the first floor there are many attractions that catch visitors' eyes on them. Those are about lots of county's history and specialties. California has the largest population among 50 states in America. That's more than Canada's one.
I brought only one pairs of fur boots. But during the day time, in spite of winter, it's so warm in here. I really need to get a new pair of sneakers. kkk  Many people go around wearing shorts and short sleeves. America does have a real variety of anything.

California is famous for GOLD RUSH. Actually gold rush starting point is located right at the back of Capitol. The photo below shows the point. Through the window, we can notice the spot, which is near Riv. Sacramento. The small tower symbolizes the staring point of Gold Rush from 1848 to 1853. Gold Rush completely changed California, which had been deserted big land, into richest and largest region. Thanks to that, California got to become the 31th state of the U.S.A.

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