Monday, December 9, 2013

TED talk by Erin Gruwell ( a real main character of 'The Freedom Writers' )

A few days ago, in PE class, we had a great chance to watch a touching movie about a wonderful teacher. After that I have searched for some more information about the teacher. Here's what I've searched.

This is Erin Gruwell's TED talk. She is one of the most respectable teacher.
After I watched the movie titled 'The Freedom Writers', I was really impressed by her endless love for her students as a teacher. She was a young novice teacher, but she really stood out. She is a good and perfect model for me. 

This is 'The Freedom Writers' trailer. The movie was directed based on a real stored.
The main character is Erin Gruwell. The movie focused on her real everlasting and passionate care and love toward her poor students who had been ignored by everyone all around them. Throughout the movie it really reminded me of one question, "what is the most important qualification to be a  teacher?"....

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